Event Information

The event takes place on Hong Kong Island. When you register you can download our route guide to follow the route.


Event Period:

22nd January 2022 (Saturday) – 13th March 2022 (Sunday)
* Registration ends on 12th March 2022 (Saturday)


Record Uploading and Donation Period :

22nd January 2022 (Saturday) – 13th March 2022 (Sunday)


Individual Event

Complete the event in one go by walking/running around the HK Island Coastal Trail in less than 24 hours. Both clockwise or counter-clockwise routes are acceptable. This event will be tracked and all participants completing the trail will be acknowledged on our site.

- or -

Complete the event by walking or running around the trail in any direction over the period of the event (22 Jan to 13 Mar) You decide how much to do in any given session. If you don’t complete the full trail no problem! You are making a massive contribution to youth mental health awareness and suicide prevention.


Team Event

If you’ve entered as a team, your team members can do the individual events or run the event as a relay. Choose which sections your team members will run. They can run or walk any time. Upload your team results to our site. All participants completing the trail will be acknowledged on our site.



Contact: 2117 1650 
E-mail: weezwalk2022@sportsoho.com


Categories and Fees:

Individual : HK$350

Family & Non-corporate Teams (Including 2 - 4 participants ) : HK$1,200

Corporate Teams (Including 2 - 4 participants) : HK$5,000

Students Teams ( Including 2 - 4 participants) : HK$500



Gift Pack

We have run out of gift packs but all registered participants will receive our special event T-shirt (valued at HK$180), which will be picked up in March at the earliest. A notification email will be sent over in due course. The Weez Walk 2022 event has already begun. Once you have successfully registered, you can log into your personal page and start taking up the challenge and set up the fundraising page.

First 300 participants of Weez Walk 2022 will receive a gift pack. Items in the Gift pack :

  • Weez Walk T-shirt and Weez Sticker
  • ECCO Foldable Tote Bag and HK$500 Discount Voucher (For selected items only)
  • TamJai SamGor Tote Bag
  • Painza Cool Gel 30g
  • 20% off Hong Kong Trail Map Voucher
  • Kee Wah Bakery - Mini Walnut Cookies (6pcs)
  • Bonaqua Mineralized Water 600ml
  • Opendoor Café Buy 1 Get 1 Free Coupon
  • DETERMINANT DET30™ Reusable Mask (Summer Cool)


All participants will receive this complimentary T-shirt. Anyone who love this T-shirt could also purchase it on KELY’s e-shop @HK$180 only.

Finisher gifts

Each Individual/ Team participant, who completed the route within the event period will receive an e-certificate.
e-certificate will be emailed to the qualified participants by 30 March 2022.



  • The Top Fundraising Awards
    (One champion in each category)
    • Individual
      Dinner at Honjo Dreamer Tasting Menu with Wine & Sake Pairing for 2.
      Coca Cola Soccer Cooler x1
    • Family & Non-Corporate Team
      Dinner at Chaiwala Dabbawala Tasting Menu with Wine Pairing for 4 .
    • Corporate Team
      Dinner at Pirata Chef, Feed Me Per Favore Tasting Menu with Wine Pairing for 4.
    • Students Team
      A one-month internship in Summer 2022 and an Apple watch per student.

Registration and information

  • Participants who are confirmed to have participated in the event will receive a “Race Pack Notification Email”. If you do not receive the notification email one week before the event, please contact the Event Registration Office at 2117 1650.
  • Each participant will be notified to collect a race pack two weeks before the event. Participants or their authorised representative must bring along the printed race pack notification email or display the email on any electronic device to collect the pack on the date and at the location designated in the email (the representative will be required to present an authorisation letter).


Participant Notice:

  1. Participants should read carefully the following rules and regulations. By submitting a registration, a participant confirms and agrees to abide by all the rules, terms and conditions of “Weez Walk” (the Event) laid down by The Weez Project and KELY Support Group
  2. Once a registration is accepted, all submitted donations are non-refundable and non-transferable under any circumstances.
  3. Repeated registrations will be counted as a single entry. The additional donation is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another participant or another race category. No submitted information will be returned.
  4. All participants will receive a confirmation by email within 5 working days upon successful registration. If no confirmation email is received, please contact Event Registration Office by email: weezwalk2022@sportsoho.com or by phone: 2117 1650 for enquiries.
  5. Participants should make sure they are physically fit for the Event, and are fully aware that the Event requires physical exertion, and understand the risks involved in taking part in the Event. It is the sole responsibility of a participant to ensure that he/ she is physically fit to participate in and complete the Event without any medical or other assistance. All participants are at their own risks and are responsible for their own safety. All participants must understand that the event will not be held responsible for any personal injury or death arising from any event or cause. The Organizer suggests all participants should monitor their own physical conditions or seek medical advice to ensure they are fit and capable of participating in the Event. Such a decision is not to be contested by the participant concerned.
  6. If a participant feels unwell during the Event, he or she should immediately stop.
  7. By submitting his/ her registration to take part in the Event, and subsequently taking part in the Event, a participant: (a) warrants and confirms to the Organizer that he/she is physically fit to participate in and complete the Event; and (b) agrees to indemnify the Organizer and hold the Organizer indemnified and harmless for i) any injury or death suffered by the participant himself/ herself or any other persons; and ii) any damage to property as a result of him/her not being physically fit to participate in and complete the Event.
  8. Participants should ensure that all personal data provided is accurate. Any false declaration or impersonation on the part of a participant will lead to his or her disqualification. The Organizer reserves the right to take appropriate action against relevant parties.
  9. No prizes or gifts for the Event are redeemable for cash.
  10. After registration, participants agree that the Organizer and third-party service providers engaged by the Organizer may use their name(s), address (es), photograph(s), audio and/or visual recording(s), biodata and likeness (es) in all preparations and promotions in connection with the Event for any lawful purpose in perpetuity as the Organizers may in their sole and absolute discretion decide, and agree to waive any right of inspection or approval associated therewith.
  11. The Organizers reserve the right to accept, restrict and reject any registration.

The above rules, terms and conditions are written in both English and Chinese. If there is any conflict in meaning, the English version shall prevail. The Organizers reserve the right to amend any of the above rules or information without prior notice and the right to interpret any of the rules, terms and conditions above. In case of any disputes, the decision of the Organizer shall be final.