Three KWM disputes lawyers and our personal trainer Anthony were proud to walk for this vital cause. Training consisted of a few gin and tonics in a bar vaguely along the proposed route. The response to our fundraiser from colleagues and friends was overwhelming. We were particularly moved by donations from support staff members, who earn relatively little.

We had originally planned to walk with Don’s Edmund’s and Anthony’s kids - one as young as three. But the two by two rule put pay to that. We discovered parts of Hong Kong we never knew - a waterfall close to Central; the endless ceramic gods near Repulse Bay; Aberdeen’s best coffee shop, where the guy serving us was stoned and couldn’t stop giggling.

High point: the amazing car boot lunch organised by Sarah and Matt, though we should not have filled our water bottles with those cans of ready-made cocktails. Low point’: the ascent after Big Wave Bay. “ Will there be steps ?” we had naively asked Hayden when he shamed us to form a team. “ Only a few” he lied. By Step One Million, we were not amused.

All in all a fabulous experience. One of us did a Captain Oates half way through. One achieved 53km out of the 62km and resumed next day. Edmund and Anthony made it all of the way.

See you next year !

RAISED HK$112000.00

Goal Amount HK$75000.00
# Name Donation Date Amount
1 K. Wong $1,000.00
2 Justin Lo $1,000.00
3 Anonymous $500.00
4 Anonymous $500.00
5 OUR FRIENDS DONATING AT https://gogetfunding.com/weezwalk-12-feb-2022/ $2,900.00
6 FRIENDS FROM gogetfunding.com/weezwalk-12-feb-2022 $2,000.00
7 FRIENDS FROM gogetfunding.com/weezwalk-12-feb-2022 $1,000.00
8 FRIENDS FROM gogetfunding.com/weezwalk-12-feb-2022 $1,000.00
9 Wish you heath, wealth and joy in the Year of the Tiger. $10,600.00
10 FRIENDS FROM gogetfunding.com/weezwalk-12-feb-2022 $1,000.00