Jonathan Macgeoch

Hi All!

On the 25th of February 2022 I will be going on my walk around Hong Kong island to try and raise funds and awareness to the issue of youth mental health!

Over the course of my high school life and continuing till now I have had my own struggles with mental health issues and so have close friends around me.

Please donate whatever you are willing to a cause that is very personally significant to me, and encourage others to donate as well!

All funds are going to the KELY support group for their suicide prevention and youth mental health activities.

Thank you all for the support I have now completed the WEEZ walk with the invaluable support from friends and family!

RAISED HK$44350.00

Goal Amount HK$25000.00
# Name Donation Date Amount
1 Mr and Mrs Anon $10,000.00
2 JBTLM $2,700.00
3 Anonymous $5,000.00
4 Anonymous $500.00
5 Vernée & Bernard $500.00
6 Susan & Paul $500.00
7 Gloria Wu $1,000.00
8 Patrick $500.00
9 Wanjing Goh $600.00
10 Ilan FREIMAN $500.00