The goal of summer project is to raise funds for Kely Support Group while walking around the entire Hong Kong Island! We will do our best to complete all the routes. But most importantly, we want to be reminded how lucky we are and how much more we can do to help one another. We will update our progress regularly! 🥰

RAISED HK$153260.00

Goal Amount HK$50000.00
# Name Donation Date Amount
1 Carmen, Ced & Sam $3,000.00
2 Stanley Wong $500.00
3 Owen Ho $2,000.00
4 Anonymous $1,000.00
5 Oliver and Lady Gaga $3,000.00
6 Eric Ng $500.00
7 Anonymous $500.00
8 Cliff $500.00
9 Anonymous $500.00
10 Jamie, Sonya, Robyn $1,000.00