Carol Liang

Having worked in mental health and provided to counselling adolescents in Hong Kong, I know there is a clear and pressing need for youth mental health initiatives in Hong Kong. With years (!!) of social unrest, on and off school suspensions, and now, the worsening 5th wave of COVID-19, the need for youth mental health support is now even more critical.

I’m excited to support KELY support Group and the Weez project, in an effort to raise awareness and funds for youth mental health, by hiking around the whole perimeter of Hong Kong Island (62km/38 miles).

75% of mental health problems develop before the age of 24 - providing access to early intervention and resources for mental health problems is imperative to support mental health on a population level.

Research shows that the mental wellbeing of young people has deteriorated significantly, due to social unrest and COVID-19. Save the Children found that as many as 39% of school-aged children in Hong Kong may have symptoms of mental health conditions. Meanwhile, Mind HK found that 74% of youth believe more low-cost mental health services are needed for young people. In 2020 the average waiting time for accessing child and adolescent outpatient psychiatric care was 60 weeks.

All money raised via this fundraising campaign will go directly towards KELY Support Group’s youth mental health programmes.

Thank you for all the support!! ☺️ All donations appreciated!

RAISED HK$36888.00

Goal Amount HK$50000.00
# Name Donation Date Amount
1 Ava Oh $1,888.00
2 David Liang $5,000.00
3 Anonymous $5,000.00
4 Ying Ying $1,000.00
5 Elizabeth Chan Pouliot $10,000.00
6 Jill Gallie $3,000.00
7 Bernice Choi $1,000.00
8 Liang family $10,000.00