The Weez Walk

Weez Walk

Weez Walk 2022 will take place from 22 Jan to 13 Mar 2022, and we’d love you and your organisation to participate. It’s a 62 km route on the perimeter of Hong Kong Island, taking in all the amazing sights and sounds of the island's coastal areas, from rural to industrial, from beaches to urban, the route has it all. The walk can be completed in stages, anyway you like.

Weez Walk was established by Tony in 2021 as a casual event to raise funds and awareness. Tony completed the walk in 12 hours and 58 minutes, a personal best which he doesn’t expect to improve on. Such was the success of Weez Walk in 2021, the idea of creating a multi-year participatory event open to all was born.
All proceeds from Weez Walk 2022 will go to KELY Support Group, and be used fully to develop and deliver preventative mental health programs for young people in Hong Kong.


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